Youth Entrepreneur­ship

We believe students should be prepared for the entrepreneurial age. Through speaking events and online education, we empower students to launch their own businesses.


Starter High is an online, self-paced course for middle and high school students where they learn the basics of starting, running, and growing a business. Students learn everything from developing an idea to getting their first customer. Optional assignments provide practical tasks to prepare youth to acquire their first customer. With the power of storytelling and real world examples, Starter High is being adopted by students everywhere.


Rogers Herr Middle School

“Mr. Hamilton’s engaging style captivated the audience. As a result, Caleb came home and designed his own business cards. He was motivated to begin thinking about how to make his dreams a reality. "

Parent of Caleb H. West Wilkes Middle School

Why We Do It

Many kids in our nation lack exposure to the benefits of entrepreneurship. Their disadvantaged background locks them out of opportunity to climb the economic ladder. Entrepreneurship should be for everyone in America, not just the privileged.

Background on the Problem

The Brian Hamilton Foundation believes in the power of education to prepare and propel students to reach new heights. However, we realize that outside factors prevent many students from receiving a strong education. While 84 percent of Americans will graduate from high school, less than 50 percent will go on to receive an associate degree or higher. This means many people will have low-end jobs with little upward mobility. It means some of the kids you see today in your neighborhood won’t have the options afforded to their more educated peers.

For decades, Brian has been inspiring young minds to turn their passions into profit. With interactive and humor-filled presentations, Brian now teaches youth how to realize undiscovered skills and how to apply their diverse life experiences to entrepreneurial ventures. Ranging from topics of customer service to personal finance to self-confidence, Brian has equipped thousands of middle school students with the tools necessary to start their own low-capital businesses.

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