Frequently Asked Questions

Brian Hamilton Foundation's FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Brian Hamilton Foundation offer grant funding or business loans?

A: No. The Brian Hamilton Foundation does not offer any sort of financial support. We teach the practice of starting and growing low-capital businesses.


Q: What does your organization do?

A: The Brian Hamilton Foundation was established, not to solve poverty, but to chip away at it. We believe that entrepreneurship, if properly taught, can open a pathway for people to rise above their circumstances.

To this end, the Brian Hamilton Foundation provides the education and inspiration aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners need to start, run, and grow businesses. We do this by working with youth, veterans, and individuals with criminal backgrounds through Inmates to Entrepreneurs. Additionally, through our award-winning TV show Free Enterprise on ABC nationwide that shares the journeys of formerly incarcerated individuals who dream of starting their own businesses after struggling to find consistent employment because of their criminal records.

The Brian Hamilton Foundation also offers Starter U, a free online course that teaches users how to start, run, and grow a business at their own pace. There is a free online course for teens on how to start businesses called Starter High.


Q: I am an experienced entrepreneur. How can I volunteer with the Brian Hamilton Foundation?

A: The Brian Hamilton Foundation needs volunteers on an ad hoc basis. If you would like to volunteer with the organization as opportunities become available, please visit our Say Hello page.


Q: Does the Brian Hamilton Foundation operate outside of North Carolina?

A: Yes. The Brian Hamilton Foundation’s Starter U and Starter High online courses are available to anyone free of charge regardless of location. Additionally, many of our Inmates to Entrepreneurs courses and youth programs are now provided live virtually for anyone. While we are based in North Carolina, we consider live event opportunities outside of the state as they arise. If you would like us to consider your event, please visit our Speaker Request page.