About Us

The Brian Hamilton Foundation was established with one principle in mind: with the right resources and support, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur.

For over 25 years, Brian Hamilton has used his first-hand knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur to assist people with the odds stacked against them to start and grow their own businesses.

The foundation builds on decades of entrepreneurial experience to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and growing business owners with the information and inspiration they need to successfully start, run, and grow their businesses. Through our programs, we provide education by speaking to business and entrepreneurship groups, connecting those looking for information with experienced entrepreneurs, and providing free, online courses.

Why We Do What We Do

In America, historically, there have been two ways people have climbed Рthrough education and through running their own businesses. Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who do not have the benefit of a great education Рthere are people who still have the odds stacked against them.  

By providing entrepreneurship for all, we are helping these people start and run their own businesses. Through this, our hope is to generally help these people to take part in the American dream and specifically to climb the social and economic ladder. People who have disadvantages might include the formerly incarcerated, minorities, those without a college education, those who have served our country, and others who do not fit neatly into an advantaged socioeconomic category.