Our mission is to increase ownership across the world. Business ownership is the most reliable way for people to work themselves up to where they want to be from where they are today. We use ownership to remove the socioeconomic barriers to the freedom and self determination that all humans require and deserve.

Our Mission

All people should have things they own and have earned from their own industry. Inside of people is the need to earn something and to own a little piece of their world. The highest form of ownership is business ownership because that is the most reliable way that people have been able to work themselves up from where they are to where they want to be. In America, it has worked for every disenfranchised group in history. It works for anyone willing to try.

We teach people why and how to start businesses, mostly simple businesses that do not require capital. We teach people to fish- simply and directly. We use experts- people who have done it themselves. We reject giving people things, except for ideas. The threat to progress are people who are indifferent to the obstacles people face as well as those who believe in hand-outs- that people cannot do for themselves. We are fighting for the same things that Booker T Washington and Abraham Lincoln fought for- self-determination and freedom.