Our Team

We are a dedicated team passionate about bringing entrepreneurship to all.

Margaret Froneberger

Chief Executive Officer

Margaret drives strategy and operations and works closely with the team to expand its offerings and scale nationally.

Jay Borkowski

Investment Manager

As Vice President of Brian Hamilton Main Street lending, Jay is responsible for outreach, community relations, and deal flow.

Jackie Drumm

Vice President of Communications

Jackie plans and executes the foundation's external communications, including media and community relations.

Charlie Bradley

Executive Vice President of Public Affairs

Charlie plans and directs the local and national promotion of the foundation’s mission to bring entrepreneurship to all.

Michelle Fishburne

Director of National Public Relations and Partnerships

Michelle promotes public awareness of the foundation’s programs.

Michael Adams

Managing Director of Operations And Programs

Michael is responsible for the strategic development of the Foundation's programs and operations.

Alli Thomas

National Program Director

Alli is responsible for the development and scaling of national program offerings and leading Inmates to Entrepreneurs.

Tom Bennett

Vice President of Public Affairs - Eastern North Carolina

Tom serves as the Foundation's Director of Community Relations where he is responsible for outreach and partnerships for Eastern North Carolina.

Missy Seaman

General Manager

Missy helps ensure efficiency across the organization and its programs.

Scott Kelly

Director of Youth Initiatives

Scott is responsible for the bringing entrepreneurship to all youth.

William Hamilton

Investment Associate

William serves the Foundation by finding investment opportunities and assisting in the development of strategic initiatives

“I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was but the[n] when Mr. Hamilton came to West Wilkes Middle School it changed my perspective on business careers.”

Caleb Huffman Student West Wilkes Middle School

Being an instructor… allows me to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the business tools that they need to be successful in our society.

Monica Russell Instructor Inmates to Entrepreneurs

We believe that entrepreneurship unlocks the door to economic opportunity in the United States.

Margaret Froneberger Chief Executive Officer Brian Hamilton Foundation

Having your own company is for everyone, not just those born into privilege.

Brian Hamilton Founder Brian Hamilton Foundation