Inmates to Entrepreneurs
I2E Wilmington Grad Isha Reed started a nonprofit
Youth Entrepreneurs
Dylan shares his Hamilton Challenge
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Inmates to Entrepreneurs Wilmington graduates 15 in second class

Shinita Taylor, Paparazzi Accessories

The Inmates to Entrepreneurs Wilmington graduate shares what she learned in the class and how her favorite part of her business.

Anthony Faison, ARF Enterprises

The Inmates to Entrepreneurs honorary graduate and mentor talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with good influences on your business journey.

Latonia Parks, Top Bragg Realty

The Army veteran and real estate business owner talks about her history of entrepreneurship and how she hopes to grow in the BHF mentorship program.

Dylan, Rogers-Herr Middle School

Eighth grade student Dylan talks about the eternal sustainable light source he created as part of the Hamilton Challenge

Isha Reed, EPIC

The Inmates to Entrepreneurs Wilmington graduate shares why she took the class and what led her to start a nonprofit.

Dwayne Kincaid, On Time Plumbing

The Army veteran and plumbing company operator shares the joys and hardships of business ownership, along with why veterans make good entrepreneurs.

Nia & Nicole, Rogers-Herr Middle School

Eighth grade students Nia and Nicole discuss the skincare line they launched together and how they plan to be a positive influence in their community

Crysta Hines, Rogers-Herr Middle School

Rogers-Herr teacher Crysta Hines discusses the importance of entrepreneurship education for middle school students and how she uses it in her own classroom.

Andres, Rogers-Herr Middle School

The eighth grader talks Hamilton Challenge and his plans to open a coffee shop to serve the community.

“I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was but the[n] when Mr. Hamilton came to West Wilkes Middle School it changed my perspective on business careers.”

Caleb Huffman Student West Wilkes Middle School

Being an instructor… allows me to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the business tools that they need to be successful in our society.

Monica Russell Instructor Inmates to Entrepreneurs

We believe that entrepreneurship unlocks the door to economic opportunity in the United States.

Margaret Froneberger Chief Executive Officer Brian Hamilton Foundation

Having your own company is for everyone, not just those born into privilege.

Brian Hamilton Founder Brian Hamilton Foundation