Turtle H.

Starter U was a very useful tool for me even though I have been in business for years and have multiple degrees from UNC, including one in Economics. I am so pleased to say I took the classes because of the high caliber individuals involved. So happy with it so far. I know that this […]

Greg T.

I took over an existing business recently. This was my second attempt at owning my own business. With my first business, I had no clue what I was doing and realized it, so I got out. This time I took my time building up my skill sets, then finding as much information I could on […]

Jesús H.

I’m very grateful for the foundation putting out Starter U free of charge, it contains a lot of good information that I wish I had known 10 years ago. I realized that I wasted a lot of time overthinking the legal structure of the company.  I shutdown my mobile mechanic business back in 2015 but […]

Adrian W.

I was so impressed with the online experience that I have now started doing the groundwork to start a recruiting and consulting firm for nonprofit organizations, faith based initiatives and small businesses within my community. So grateful for this opportunity along with the tools to expand my vision for entrepreneurship.

Susan S

I am a start-up specialist, working with new owners (many of them new businesspeople) opening new locations or purchasing existing ones. Many of them have no idea what it will take to run a business, thinking they can devote part-time effort and receive full-time compensation.  I have been sharing Starter U with all my new […]

Ed T

I’m an unusual case. I started and ran a business in Indiana from 1994-2003. I wish I’d taken the course before I launched. It is very interesting to take the course after dealing (not always successfully) with many of the issues raised. I’d encourage not only future entrepreneurs, but ones still in their first 1-3 […]

Cory H

I would highly recommend the Starter U course to anyone, especially formerly incarcerated people, to create better opportunities for themselves through entrepreneurship. I am grateful I took the course and it has helped change my life for the better. Thank you guys so much for Starter U.