Young, Creative Minds on the Brink of Bright Futures

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — Students learn innovative ways to start their own business now.

Tech Entrepreneur Brian Hamilton is guiding local middle school students to their next big venture.

The Innovative Lab School at D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy in Wilmington has been selected as part of the pilot program of the Brian Hamilton Foundation Challenge. It is designed to inspire youth to start their own business.

Hamilton has met with more than 5,000 students across North Carolina on his ‘Future Entrepreneur Tour’.

“If you look back over 200 years, there’s 2 ways to get up,” Hamilton Foundation Founder Brian Hamilton said. “One is through education so do well in school, but entrepreneurship is often neglected as the other way to grow. Of course,do both if you can, but being an entrepreneur is for everyone. ”

One student was inspired by the discussion on Monday morning.

“Me and my friend were thinking about doing a cleaning and lawn moving business where we can go around and put flyers on the poles…people will call us to clean their house,” Jasire Chaney said. “I would do the lawn mowing.”

Hamilton started a landscaping business to pay his way through college. Chaney says he thought starting a business would be more complicated, but Hamilton’s tips on simple marketing have this 7th grader ready.

Jasire’s next steps are to get his flyers made and printed.