The Story with Dick Gordon – Inmates to Entrepreneurs

Inmates To Entrepreneurs

It’s a tough time to find a job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that only one in four of this year’s graduates had a job waiting for them. So you don’t need a college degree to understand how much harder it must be for people getting out of prison. Shonte Frederick and AJ Ware are both part of a program called Inmates to Entrepreneurs. AJ is now mentoring Shonte through the program, helping her find the stability and security he’s found in owning his own business.

Your Story: Dad’s Not Always Right

John Mullinax was a teenager when he went canoeing with his dad on day in March. John didn’t mind the birdwatching and it was a nice chance to be in nature. But suddenly his dad decided to move from the peaceful canal path and take the canoe down the river that was swollen with spring rain. John protested, but not enough. Soon the canoe was sunk, and his father submerged. John joins Dick Gordon to tell the story of the day he began to see that his dad didn’t have the last word on everything.