‘It’s About Empowering The Community’ | Triad Man Opens First Gym In Ramseur

RAMSEUR, N.C. — A Triad man who has a passion for making sure his community is healthy is one step closer to that goal.

When we met Don Brown last October, he’d just completed a program called Inmates to Entrepreneurs. It gives ex-cons the tools to start a business.

Brown used the class to bring his vision of a gym in Ramseur to life.

“It was a lot,” he said. “There was days that we put in 16-17 hour days just to get this building redone.”

Don Brown says the hard work it took to get his gym The Fit District off the ground was worth it.

Set to officially open August 24th in Ramseur, his 6,000 square foot gym will be the only one in the town.

The gym offers both group classes and personal training for adults.

“It’s not about just this gym. It’s about empowering the community,” Brown said.

The gym also works with kids. The plan is to partner with schools in the community to make sure kids are able follow down the right path.

“There’s no avenue. I think growing up if I’d of have the avenue that some of the kids now have a chance to go through, my life might’ve turned out different,” Brown said.

Brown spent ten years in prison for dealing drugs and when he got out, he made a decision to turn his life around.

“Through adversity he was able to really overcome it and stay positive and I think that’s what’s really carried him to this point,” Jaylin Brower said.

Browner, Brown’s business partner and lead trainer says he’s excited to help the community become healthier.

“I see this gym really changing a ton of lives and creating some inter-generational resources and some change to Ramseur,” Brower said.

Brown says the support so far gives him the motivation to keep going.

“Seeing them walk through these doors just to come exercise and everything makes me feel wonderful,” Brown said.

The grand opening is scheduled for August 24th at 11 a.m.