Inmates to Entrepreneurs: Wayne Fowler

Wayne Fowler began his entrepreneurial journey as a young boy making beats and beatboxing while visiting family over the summer in New York. He was so good he was even credited on Public Enemy’s “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” album. As a result of his musical aspirations, Fowler briefly formed BMW’s Musical Productions. “I was onto something but I didn’t realize it. I was just making beats but I never followed up with it because I was a teenager and didn’t know any better,” Fowler explained.

Years later, upon his release from prison, Fowler ⁠— a U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran and professional gospel drummer, was dead set on controlling his future and using his own entrepreneurial skills to achieve his dreams. “I’m a horrible employee but I have a strong passion to help others, especially athletes and musicians,” Fowler said. “I want to control my own destiny. You can’t rely on the system and I want to contribute to society. I realized a problem and I’m solving it with my business,” he added.

Noting that, “As an entrepreneur your income is not limited,” Fowler explained his drive, “I want to provide for my family. When I come up with an idea, I know I can do it. When I set goals, I finish them. I don’t let obstacles and roadblocks stop me.”

Fowler officially established Wayne’s Enhanced Sports, LLC in 2017 with the goal of enhancing the mind, athleticism and attitudes of his clients. “I built my company to help unsigned free agents highlight and showcase their talents and connect them to their communities. I connect them with professional trainers to enhance themselves,” Fowler noted.

Fowler first learned about Inmates to Entrepreneurs from another inmate while incarcerated. “He told me about the program several years ago but I still had time on my sentence, so I didn’t follow up. We recently crossed paths again and he sent me the website to register. The rest is history,” Fowler said. Fowler recently graduated from his local Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ eight-week entrepreneurship course.

As for his advice to returning citizens, Fowler explains that following your ABCs is an important process. “To achieve your dreams, remember your ABCs. A) Avoid negative sources (people places, things and habits). B) Believe in yourself. C) Consider things from every angle.”

“Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. It will get easier. Just hang on to your dreams and stop procrastinating. Ignore those who try to discourage you and of course you have to want it more than anything. Just go for it,” said Fowler.

Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ free video course “Starter U: How to Start, Run, and Grow a Business” is available online and on Edovo’s tablets in correctional facilities across the U.S. The organization also provides in person courses throughout North Carolina and online classes nationwide.

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