Houston Happens – Megan Thomas Head, Power Wizard, Motivational Monday

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Good Monday morning! Start your week off right with Houston Happens. Host Maggie Flecknoe is serving up today’s top talkers including a San Antonio woman who was turned away from a party bus because she was plus-sized! Meet the entrepreneur and philanthropist who is dedicated to helping inmates once they get out of jail with his non-profit, Inmates to Entrepreneurs. That’s today’s Motivational Monday story. Also, one brother is motivating his younger brother by dressing up and meeting him at the bus stop each day after school. We’re introducing you to “The Bus Stop Brother”.

Speaking of back to school, lifestyle influence Megan Thomas Head shares some must-have products. And we’re educating you on how to save money on your electric bill with the help of Power Wizard.

Also, don’t forget to send us your back to school pics!