D4 New ABC Show Gives People a Second Chance

A new show on ABC is all about second chances.

Since Brian Hamilton was young, he’s been an entrepreneur, and now he’s using what he knows to help people who are getting out of prison and want to start a new life with the ABC show “Free Enterprise.”

“As we know, when people get out of prison, it’s hard for them to get a new job,” Hamilton said. “So, we help them become entrepreneurs; That’s the whole show.”

The show brings them on the entire journey—from the first idea to their first customer.

“These are usually low capital service businesses, but as you know it’s very important in the Unites States to give people a second chance and I believe the best way to do that is through the American dream which is to own something, and what’s better than owning a business?” Hamilton said.

Even if you just want to learn about entrepreneurship and how to start a business, they have all of those tips in the show.

“All of our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, so people will learn some stuff,” Hamilton said.

Free Enterprise runs Saturdays at 11 a.m. and offers entrepreneurship tips and tricks, along with inspirational stories.