Contest To Give Away Laptops To 500 High Point Students

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Online lessons paired with traditional classroom activity can really boost a child’s education. Sadly, a lot of kids don’t have access to a home computer or tablet.

Adrian Martinca is the founder of the High Point-based nonprofit Technology for the Future. His group puts laptops in the hands of deserving students.

“As a tech person, I recognize technology creates a huge divide in a person being able to harness their potential,” Martinca said. “It makes me want to do something.”

Martinca is doing even more by partnering with the Raleigh-based Brian Hamilton Foundation.

“The model is similar to ours,” foundation leader Brian Hamilton said. “We are unlocking ideas, especially kids who don’t have equal access to the powerful ideas.”

Technology for the Future and the Brain Hamilton Foundation have created a contest called the “Open Doors Challenge.” High Point area K through 12th graders can upload a video to, explaining how a laptop will help them and the community. The goal is to give away 500 laptops.

“For change to truly happen, for us to build a brighter future, as a community you have to have the tools to create action and to fight for what your dreams are,” Martinca said.

The partnership will not choose the 500 winners, the community will. Votes can be cast at

“When you see these students submit their videos, you see they want their dreams to change their communities, their lives,” Martinca said.

Martinca said he has seen the positive changes that can happen when a laptop goes home.

“The mom was able to get a job through the webcam. The daughter that received the computer was able to pick up her grades. And the dad was able to use the device to make money for the family as well,” Martinca said.

Hamilton is thrilled to help Technology for the Future reach its goal.

“When you see that you are making an impact, it provides a lot of motivation because it’s real and these are real people that you are affecting,” Hamilton said.

High Point area K through 12th grade students can upload their video to The deadline is March 3.