12-year-old local entrepreneur featured on web series, “The Arena”

DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) —A 12-year-old business owner from Dublin, will pitch her business idea on a virtual web series, called  “The Arena”.

Rebecca Sanchez is one of four entrepreneurs who will showcase her business to nationally known entrepreneurs.

Sanchez says her business “EZ-Scrub Loofah Soap” started by accident in August.  She says her family planted 10 loafer plants, but too many grew for the family to tame.

“It’s a vegetable, relative to a cucumber, and when it’s peeled and dried, its substance is very exfoliating,” said Sanchez.

Rebecca got a loan from her dad. Within a week of making, selling, and advertising the soap at local farmer markets, she was able to pay her dad back and earn a profit.

“I made $100 on top of that,” said the 12-year-old.

She wants to take her business to the next level. On Wednesday, Rebecca showcased her business to Discovery Channel’s Heavy D from ‘Diesel Brother’, and founder of Sageworks, Brian Hamilton, to get feedback on how to expand.

Though this experience, Sanchez says she learned customer service goes a long way.

“You should actually stand up and talk to people. Not just sit there and expect your thing to sell itself, ” said Sanchez.

Sanchez says her family is now thinking about starting a lip balm line.