Caleb Huffman

“I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was but the[n] when Mr. Hamilton came to West Wilkes Middle School it changed my perspective on business careers.”

Mr. Brian Huffman and Caleb Huffman

Mr. Hamilton’s engaging style captivated the audience. As a result, Caleb went home and designed his own business cards. He was motivated to begin thinking about various career options, and how to make his dreams a reality. Mr. Hamilton showed our students that dreams are possible for any socioeconomic level or regardless of your background.

Mr. Baucom and Mrs. Kastl, West Wilkes Middle School

Mr. Hamilton’s presentation was perfect. His expertise gave the students a sense of awe and the fact he was willing to share that with them through the question and answer portion was perfect… Mr. Hamilton has inspired a lot of students and teachers.

Kendrick Vines

I can tell them according to the textbook how to start a business, but actually having that experience and making it more relatable, Mr. Hamilton was able to do that by coming here and making his presentation.

Brian Hamilton

Having your own company is for everyone, not just those born into privilege.